Tips for creating your EvolvMe Practitioner/Vendor Profile

Your practitioner profile is a critical element of your experience on EvolvMe. Think of it as the “storefront” of your Virtual Enlightenment Center. It is how EvolvMe members get to know you and one of the first things they look at when choosing the right practitioner for their journey. It’s important that your profile reflects who you are as a practitioner.

For product vendors, your profile should reflect what your shop is about. This is a great place to talk a bit about the authenticity of your goods, where you source them, how you create them, etc.

Profile Images

For site uniformity as well as community transparency, we ask that practitioners use actual photos of themselves, as opposed to avatars, stock imagery, or shots of your favorite pet (as much as we love to see them!). While you don’t need to have a professional headshot, a good clear image of you helps those seeking services make an initial connection. As long as your face is visible and well-lit, feel free to use photos in any setting that feels meaningful to you and shows a bit of your personality. Images should be at least 180x180 and high resolution. (Please note that in order to safeguard the trust in our community, we do ensure that the person in your profile image is the same person we met in our Practitioner Certification Zoom call.)

For product vendors, you may choose to use a personal photo of yourself as the shop owner, a collection of your items, or your shop logo and name.

Your profile name

While creative usernames and handles are fun to think up on social media, your practitioner profile must include your real or professional name. EvolvMe members form trusted relationships with practitioners, and your professional reputation is best developed using your first and last name as opposed to an anonymous screen name.

If you are a vendor who offers only products and not services, you can elect to use your shop name.

Your bio

Your bio is an excellent opportunity to tell EvolvMe members a bit about yourself. You should use this space to talk about your metaphysical talents, experiences, style and tools of course, but it’s also a good idea to communicate a bit of your personality and background. You could also mention any of your relevant education, training, certifications, etc.

For uniformity, we prefer that bios are written in the third person. Example: “Nicole has practiced Reiki for the last 13 years” as opposed to “I have practiced Reiki for the last 13 years.”

Service & Course Offering Listings

After the completion of your Certification Process, you’ll complete your profile by creating listings for your services and courses.

If you offer readings, you should provide information on the type of readings you do. You will also set your prices and session lengths and mark your availability on your calendar. The image displayed for readings will be your profile image.

If you offer courses, classes, or workshops, you will provide an illustrative title as well as a more in-depth description of what will be taught. If you are offering a course that will be taught in multiple parts, please state that (i.e., “This is a 3-part class” or “This course will be taught in 3 separate sessions”). You will also set times for these in your calendar.

Choosing Images for Services/Courses/Workshops/Events

Choosing an image for services, courses or workshop listings are important when representing your practice. For site uniformity, images should be at least 180x180 and high resolution. We ask that you use a general image rather than a photo of yourself. You can provide your own images of scenery, live subjects, or objects etc. that you have taken personally, as long as they fit the aesthetic of the site. 

Examples of Image Do’s & Don’ts

Image Do’s: Please choose an image that fits the general style of the EvolvMe site (natural imagery, vibrant colors, metaphysical theme, no “stock” poses of people, etc.) as this will accompany your course listing on the main page. Make sure the images are clear, easy and inviting to look at, fit with the course or service you are promoting, and allow for the viewer to see the name and content of the service or course you are offering as the content text will be displayed in white. Note the image "Do's" below as they are best practices:


Image Don’ts: Note the image "Don't" examples below. Refrain from using any images with white backgrounds, writing on the image, or busy/chaotic in nature as the content text (white) will not show up on the image. In addition, use of images that are considered disturbing to viewers, i.e. angry, violent, pornographic, hateful, are strictly prohibited on the site and may be reported to authorities if necessary.

You can source images from other places as long as you aren’t using copyrighted photos without permission. There are some sites where you can get royalty-fee images, but please note that EvolvMe is not affiliated with any of these repositories and the use of these sites are strictly at the users discretion.