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For a majority of my life I hid what I felt and attempted to act normal; up until about three years right after my 30th birthday I suddenly started meditation, during my first meditation something very strange happened and since then everything came flooding back to me. I became sober from alcohol, started meditating and doing breath work, I quit doing a lot of things that I used to… I focused on my health and wellness, began to work with plants and their healing properties, long story short during my teens I was deeply distraught and incredibly depressed.. I had these dreams, they put me in a state of panic, I also experienced sleep paralysis. During getting sober, I started to notice the dreams I had then, we’re happening. I can also very intensely feel and hear… if that makes sense, people energies like… static, so I’m here to find guidance. Maybe I can help heal people? Either way, I’ve got to direct this energy somehow.


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