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Hello! My name is Jocilyn I am 26 years old, born and raised in Las Vegas. My childhood is the first time I remember ever having unique encounters one would consider esoteric via: my dreams, visual appearances of energies,being an empathic child, etc. Thankful for my mom who was able to explain some of the, then nuances to me—it made me feel “less crazy” in a world where experiences like this are not widely talked about or celebrated. All my life I have dabbled in and out of these truths until it began to become undeniable. I believe I reached a point in my life where it just didn’t make any sense to go back to ignoring my gifts—once I was confident within myself to acknowledge my experiences and accept that the experiences are real things, really happening to me.. yet still—It wasn’t until I graduated college in 2019 until I began to fully acknowledge and seek the path of fully waking in my truth as an intuitive, empath, and Clair cognizant woman… by taking classes, learning tarot, and working with spiritual mentors.—I had always been afraid of tapping into my gifts due to my upbringing, and my experiences with spirits, dreams, and inner knowing’s wasn’t a topic widely talked about— or when expressed it was shunned upon. I aspire to be a Fluent Tarot reader, currently I have a community on Instagram @JocilynsTarot, that allots me to share my love for Tarot & my gifts. In my spare time I enjoy studying Tarot, mysticism, religion, spirituality etc and how it all ties into Tarot and can be used as a self help mechanism. I am looking forward to growing as a healer and meeting like minded individuals. ❤️


Tarot, Meditating, Yoga, Reading, Dancing, Acting, Writing.


Mysticism, Tarot, Religion, Spirituality, Esotericism.