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Criticism and jealousy.  Have you ever thought how closely related these two are?  Think of them as family members who don't quite like each other.  You know when you're wearing something that makes you look and feel great, then someone comes along and tells you that color washes you out.  Hmmm.  

Let's say you wrote a book.  Oh you mean you self-published?  Hmmm.  What do we make of that.  So does the color really wash you out or do you look so good, you left your friend speechless.  Does it matter how a book makes its way into print?  Writing a book at all is a wonderful accomplishment.

Criticism and jealousy are very closely related is my point.  Why be jealous.  Jealousy is an emotion that I do understand but can't partake in.  We are all here trying to make a go of this life.  Be a support system for the people in your life.  Jealousy is a poison that will eat you up.  Let it go and try praising instead!

~Love, Amy