Amy Kaufman

Amy is a Reiki Master Practitioner, Guided Meditation Leader, and Reiki teacher who also offers courses.

Let's talk about Reiki! Reiki works with energy, both mine and that of the client. This work is so rewarding because you can change people's lives simply by moving around energy and by the way, we are all made up of energy!

For me, Reiki was a calling that I followed. As a natural giver, (I am a wife and mom of 3, well 4 if you count my dog!) it was just as natural to become an energy worker and share that love and healing with those who needed it. Who doesn't need love and healing!

I offer remote Reiki sessions because energy knows no time, no space and no distance. In other words, remote sessions ROCK because they work!

Guided Meditations are a way to achieve complete and total relaxation.

Instead of thinking about that list in your head, you are listening to my calm and soothing voice taking you on a beautiful journey!

Whatever modality you choose, you will feel amazing!

Reading and Reiki
For this service I have paired up with theintuitiveblondehealing, also known as Allison for Readings and Reiki. The client will receive an intuitive r…
Remote Reiki Session
In this remote healing session the client will be either lying down or sitting comfortably while receiving Reiki energy and healing.