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Do you like to play it safe?  Do you find comfort in predictability?  If you are you are not alone.  Most of us enjoy the comfort of knowing what comes next.  Taking the safe and predictable route can also lead to boredom.  It's like eating the same foods all the time.  Wouldn't you want to give your taste buds a treat.

Safety and predictability can also leave you wondering what you may be missing out on.  Today's quote is. "Veer from your lane - who knows what you may find."  If you are directionally challenged like I am, you've taken a wrong turn in your life. Sometimes it's called a detour and sometimes it's an actual mistake but guess what.  You learned a new route.  You saw a new way how to get somewhere and maybe, just maybe the scenery was a whole lot nicer and had it not been for that detour or mistake, you never would have seen it.

Life is like that too.  We make both right and wrong decisions.  Some we might not have liked but others we did.  When you move away from your zone of comfort, you grow.  When you challenge yourself, you give yourself the opportunity of self-discovery.  Isn't that why we are here?

Veer off the lane of predictability and into the unknown.  You may find a whole new world just waiting for you!

 ~Love, Amy