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Clearing and Protection for Empaths

Clearing and Protection for Empaths: image

I am always surprised to find that even some long time intuitives do not have a strong practice of protecting their energetic field. Being empathic myself, I did have a hard time growing up not understanding why at times I felt socially awkward, or angry, sad, depressed, or just out of the blue shift in my mood, it was debilitating.  It took me years to realize that I was tuning into the energy around me and that if there was nothing to be sad or angry about, then it probably isn't mine. At the time, I had no reason or resource to tell me otherwise. It wasn't until I started a more serious spiritual practice that I learned to manage my space, which now that I know how, is not a completely difficult thing to do. 

So often people mistake being empathic for being moody or bipolar. They go through life thinking that they are defective in some way, perhaps taking medication that they may not need, or relationships that aren’t healthy, only to go down a rabbit hole of guilt, anger, and depression, substance abuse or worse just trying to release these feelings. Though it could be very possible that a number of these people are sensitive to the energy around them and all they need to do is learn how to manage and protect themselves from the outside interference. Unfortunately, there has been little in the way of scientific research around this, though in recent years there has been a great deal of the scientific community starting to take notice. 

Until then, I suggest that if you are experiencing any of those emotional ebbs and flows, that you ask yourself where that feeling is coming from. If you cannot find a good reason why, perhaps try a practice of clearing and protecting your energy which I have listed below and see if that helps balance your energy. Just as you can soak in energy, you can use energy to shield yourself.

1. Start with a simple 10–15-minute meditation each day: Try and meditate right when you wake up as you are much clearer then, and just center your mind and connect with your space. You can focus on your breath. Don’t worry if thoughts come up, just imagine that you can put a bubble around them and watch them float out of your space.

2. Energetically protect your space: Do this every morning with your meditation. Visualize the aura around you and create 2 symbols of strength and protection. Program the symbols to be strong and powerful, protecting your entire mind, body, soul spirit and space until you release them. Then, watch as the symbols strengthen and circulate around your aura until you are ready to release them and build new ones.

3. Ground yourself: This will help keep you grounded and centered for the day. Imagine that there is a cord that comes down from your first chakra which is at the base of your spine that moves down into the center of the earth and roots itself there. Imagine that it is hollow inside and any energy that you need to release can shoot down from this cord into the center of the earth to be recycled for new energy. You can change your cord out each day.  

4. Clear the energy from your body and space energetically: Imagine a waterfall or colored energy, like gold or white or whatever soothes you, coming in from above your head and clears out any foreign and un-serving energy within your body and space into your grounding cord and into the earth. You can do this multiple times a day to keep your space clear. 

-By Theon Paulino-Filippelli