Theon Paulino-Filippelli

Theon is a gifted intuitive, medium, remote viewer, and healing channel whose masterful communication skills, pure drive to help, and innate ability to connect intensely with others has made her an effectual psychic as well as teacher of others who are working on developing their talents.

Theon began recognizing her extrasensory abilities in early childhood, but it wasn’t until her son was born with the same abilities along with the tragic passing of her mother that she felt she needed to refine her gifts. At the time, Theon was running a successful technology business for over a decade, so it would be a difficult shift. However, she knew that this was her true calling, so she decided to take the leap and became the mentee of a well-known and prolific psychic medium where she undertook a yearlong intense training. Theon felt like she needed more so she expanded her metaphysical education and went to the International School for Clairvoyance (ISC), where she developed her abilities even further and studied just about every form of psychic practice.

Theon currently offers a myriad of intuitive readings and healing services as well as mentors and facilitates intuitive development groups to help new intuitives nurture their abilities. She still runs her technology business and is the founder and CEO of EvolvMe online spiritual community and marketplace.

Theon’s reading and healing services include:


*Akashic Record Readings

*Life Path

*Past lives


*Spirit & Spirit Guide Communication

*Remote Viewing

*Intuitive Health

*Subconscious House Healing

Theon’s development courses include:

*Clairvoyant Training 101

*Introduction to Astral Travel

*Understanding the Akashic Records

Understanding the Akashic Records (Advanced) 4-Week Course
What are the Akashic Records? Where are they? In Sanskrit, the Akasha, or “ether,” means “that which holds all.” For centuries, spiritual philosophers…
Intuitive Development 101 (Beginner) 4-Week Course
We are all Psychic! Each one of us are born with the innate ability to connect outside of our 5 senses. If you weren't born open to this ability, all…
Remote Viewing Development Group
Remote Viewing was originally developed in the 1970's by the CIA as a form of gathering military intelligence through the use of psychics. This allowe…
Intuitive Practice Reading Group
Developing your Intuitive abilities and need practice? Continue growing your abilities through a weekly practice reading group. Each week, we will hav…
Mediumship Readings
Theon is an evidence based medium. She realized her ability to connect with spirits at a very young age and has always felt the need to bridge that co…
Akashic Records Reading
The Akashic Records holds every single thought, every action, every experience throughout your entire soul journey. It is a library of information tha…
Subconscious House Clearing
The subconscious mind is an immensely powerful aspect of ourselves. It holds all of our dreams, memories, aspirations, fears, strengths and weaknesses…
Intuitive Reading
Intuitives are empathic people who have tapped into their ability to obtain information through a heightened perception of energy. Since everything is…
Intuitive Development Mentorship Session
We all have psychic ability. Those who aren't born open to their abilities are still capable of tap into it them. Connecting with your intuitive side…
White Wolf Clearing Meditation
Theon's White Wolf Clearing Meditation will help those who need to release blocks as well as empower you to connect to your more primal state and let…
Free 15-Minute Introductory Reading
Theon is an intuitive, evidence based medium, remote viewer, and healing channel who is dedicated to helping others find closure as well as intuitive…
Connecting to Higher Guidance
Theon offers a deep meditation to balance your space and connect you to your higher guidance.