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Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday.  When running competitively, (something I have never done) I imagine that the runner is highly focused on each step in the present moment.

We need to be like competitive runners focusing on the now and not what happens at the finish line!

Today's quote is, "Let go of end results when you are just beginning."  We love to see an end result from the fruits of our labor but when just beginning anything, enjoy the process.  I know that might be hard to hear when immediate results are what we want but again I repeat, enjoy the process as arduous and long as it might be.

Living in the computer age has put the world at our fingertips.  We are so used to hearing the news the moment it happens, sending emails and texts as soon as we have a thought, but we forget that there are things that take time and just don't happen right away.

Things happen when they are meant to and not necessarily when we think they should.  If you are working on something, (again, whatever that something may be) focus on the here and now.  Enjoy every step of the way because at some point it will be over and the results you have been waiting for will be right in front of you!