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Energetic Field Significance

Energetic Field Significance: image

Our human eyes only are capable of seeing a tiny fraction energetically of what is around us. Hence why healing and reconnecting to our 3rd eye is so important. Keep in mind there is a much bigger picture universally of how energy, frequency & vibrations work. Energy is in everything. Our energetic fields or auras are just as important to maintain as our physical bodies. They expand from our body approximately 3-6’ in an omnidirectional radius. Similar to the shape of an egg. Protecting, healing, cleansing, strengthening and expanding your aura are just a few of the practices you can add to your regimen. Along with that, awareness of low to high range frequencies are equally important to detect and feel. Lower astral resonating frequencies pertain to anything artificial (A.I.). Is wise to limit time on technological/smart devices and power down when not using them for this fact. There are lower vibrational frequencies emitted along with parasitic attachments that can transfer to our energy fields or mind space while using these forms of technology and blue screens.

Symptoms of Needing Energy Field Cleansing or Repair:

•        Feeling blocked

•        Challenges connecting to your guides

•        Feeling exhausted or Fatigued

•        Suffering insomnia and nightmares (psychic attack)

•        Loss of interest or passion

•        Sudden anxiety or depression without known cause

•        Feeling empty & disheartened

•        Abrupt changes in mood/behavior, especially self-doubt

•        Sudden pains in various areas of the body (M/F)

•        Dis-ease

•        Not being centered/present

•        Ailments that do not clear up after treatment

•        Series of unexpected mistakes or accident prone

•        Dreading being alone/fear of

•        Unable to relax or on edge

When maintained properly our physical bodies are far superior intelligence technology to anything in existence. Capable of seeing, feeling, and communicating in many ways than just the five (limiting) senses we were taught. That is how we connect and communicate to higher dimensional beings and begin the journey to limitless creation. Crystals can be used and programmed to amplify intentions, telepathic communications and protection/healing of your energetic field along with your body.

By: Ashley Weisser

All Rights Reserved / Without Prejudice