Ashley Weisser

Aloha Beloved Souls!

My name is Ashley. Soul signature is Aurora. I am a Galactic Shamanic Reiki Master. A Guardian of Sacred Ancient Wisdom on Earth. As a Deeply Connected Starseed, I Share and Activate Universal Knowledge in Energy/Light Healing, Human Supernatural Abilities, Co-Creating, and Soul Empowerment.

I Offer In Person or Remote Reiki, Energetic Healing, DNA/Cellular Healing and Galactic Guidance. Along with raising our vibrational frequency from within. Shamanic Usui Reiki and Galactic Shamanic Reiki are intention-based treatments weaving spiritual, natural elements, and transmutation of energy. Transmutation of energy is turning negative (trauma/stagnant energy) into positive (new/flowing energy) via movement and grounding techniques. Improve your chi flow of your inner energetic body and your outer body’s electromagnetic field (aura). Galactic Shamanism Connects and Deepens the Roots of Our Cosmic Origins Beyond Earth to the Star Planetary Systems.

My Other Deep Passion, is Writing. Luminous Wisdom, Soul Experiences and Awareness in Truth. I Like to View it as a Small Form of Alchemizing This World with Informative and Loving Words. I Write Decree’s which Apply Higher Dimensional Universal Laws for Protection, Freedom and Liberation of All Light Beings. They are quintessential when declaring your field as sacred.

My intention for you is to reconnect with mind, body and soul by healing traumatic experiences of the past and releasing them to welcome in new experiences and opportunities. To promote love, harmony and balance within. Release fear, as it blocks us from our true power. To eventually regain and restore your body’s innate self-healing abilities. To gain auric field strengthening, protection and balance in order to break through energetic blockages that create re-occuring patterns or loopholes to occur on your path. To connect, honor, respect and heal with our ancestral, past lives, and deeper into our galactic roots in the star systems within and beyond our galaxy. The physical and energetic bodies mirror each other! Both are equally important in overall health and wellness.

I have been studying the mind for 20 years and practicing energetic field/aura optimizing for 10 years. Unlocking the mind, unlocks unlimited possibilities in this world! This is something you must take charge of. No one else does this for you due to the Law of Free Will. Think of it as your energetic quantum field. Once balanced, anything can be possible. Energetic Phitness is just as important as physical fitness as it directly mirrors omnidirectionally from our body and assists in creating the reality around us.

Cohesive harmony and balance can be obtained through practice. Along with that our thoughts, words, intentions and actions are energy and factor into creation around us.

As Within, So Without. As Above, So Below.

Co-Creatress and New Earth Leader in Unconditional Love and Unity of Our Species

Namastar, Unconditional Love and Blessings To All!

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