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Good morning, everyone and happy Tuesday.  Most of us like being in control.   We like to know the details.  Where, when, why, and how.  Trust doesn't come as easily especially when we want something to happen.  The "what ifs" draw us in every time.  What if...!?! I'm sure you can fill in the blank.

Today's quote is, "A river's direction will never change but whatever it carries will land safely where it is meant to."  Thinking about past events in your life, haven't they always worked out for the best?  Recalling what didn't work out the way you had hoped, but didn't, left you to breathe a sigh of relief!    

Life is good that way.  There is always a force that has your back.  The Universe, a higher power, God, whoever you feel close enough to, that's who is looking out for you. Think of either of those things as a river that is carrying you safely to where you are meant to be.

You may stumble now and again but have faith that you will always land on your feet.  

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy