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Gratitude Attitude

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As we continue our journey of ascension, it becomes like a beautifully woven tapestry blending healing and learning (or remembering) then taking action in application which can be deeply transformative, if you allow and let go. I remember reading a book on the Enoch my grandmother left to me before she passed on from earth. It shared how important gratitude was to the Enoch’s and how often they applied it to their prayer multiple times throughout each day, starting with when they woke up each morning. Years ago, when I first read it, I thought, that seems a bit excessive. I immediately made excuses such as “I don’t know if I have time for all of this extra.” About a year ago, I started expressing my gratitude more often. Telepathically, spoken out loud, or written. Always in three’s (Thank you, thank you, thank you) and from the depths of my heart. I shifted my perspective into a deeper understanding of how miracles show up and how gratitude is a simple and meaningful emotional expression. How it goes out and returns energetically. 

Each day as I rise just as the sun rises up over the horizon, I express my gratitude for a new start. For my health, awareness, opportunities, miracles, my daughters, like minded souls, a roof over my head, the ability to travel and meet new souls…etc.

I am so grateful to be here. In the past I felt I did not belong and was in turn holding myself back from divine expressions and experiences. Focusing my mind and energy on the negative and stagnancy around me. Creating an energetic loophole in return. Ideas and beliefs of the mainstream narrative manifesting to keep us from our power. Which is how it is created by design. Artificially created societal beliefs and lack of love and gratitude that comes with that and energetically returns in our reality as such. I received back energetically because that’s what I was putting out. Doing that caused so many patterns to reoccur. Now that I have taken the time, slowed down and from the heart express gratitude my reality is changing for the better. It's a matter of opening the perspectives of the mind to what is, which is limitless. I am infinitely grateful for all that is.

Namaste & Unconditional Love to All!!

By: Ashley M. Weisser

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