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GUIDED: image

We're so filled with uncertainty.  We're so sure we don't know the way.  I don't know why that is.  Actually, I think I do.  We have trust issues.  We don't trust ourselves.  We'd rather get validation from a complete stranger than trust our own inner wisdom.  How crazy is that!?

Today's quote is, "Where is the way you may ask - you're already on it."  At this very moment you may be unsure, scared, nervous, confused and stuck BUT hey, tomorrow you could feel completely different.  Tomorrow you my feel confident, excited and filled with positivity and guess what.  You might not give a hoot where the way is!

That's because nervous or confident.  Confused or certain.  Scared or excited.  You are exactly where you are meant to be following a path that was laid out just for you.  Trust yourself, your guides, your inner wisdom, trust it all.  No need to ask anyone else!

~Love, Amy