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Intentional Energetic Integrity

Intentional Energetic Integrity: image

Intentions are everything from my experiences. Honorably setting your intentions assists energetically with the creation of your reality along with stating your law in the (yo)universe. Practicing more of stating clear intentions results in creating alignment in a stronger deeper connection to your Genius (God, source, creator) direct connection. Over time, eliminates interfering frequencies as you raise your internal vibrational frequency. Alignment with your truth along with the ability to speak it. Honoring why you are here on this incredibly beautiful planet. I have benefited greatly along the way by setting my intentions prior to meditation, prayer, before falling asleep, traveling, drinking water, blessing the food I prep/eat, meeting others, healing myself, others, or guidance along the way of my journey here. Guidance (regardless of ethereal or planetary scope connection) needs direction and clarity in communication in order to assist in receiving the form of miracles. It also requires you showing up authentically and trusting your intuition through the waves as they rise and fall.

Set intentions respectfully & responsibly, out of love. Illusional magic aka manipulation becomes much more obvious upon application. Observe and learn from those who chose to still operate in manipulative energies. Feel through things with discernment instead of emotionally reacting, as that energetically creates a loophole right back into that reoccurring pattern or mindset.

Always, always, always express gratitude for everything you broaden awareness to and receive. The signs, the synchronicities, the awareness, the strength to carry on, the lessons you’ve learned, the courage it takes to speak your truth, the ability to get back up time and time again, the compassion for others (whether they’re aware or not), and the love for yourself. Be sure to also trace the intentions with close connections to you and the source of where you get your products from. All is energy and carry signatures from hands and lands it has passed through until it is in your possession. If the original source is unknown, I would recommend cleansing prior to or when item(s) are brought into your spaces.

Keep that flow on glow and that heart open. Words are energy and create your reality. Energetically transcending through your thoughts, writings and speaking. Be mindful and discerning with how you choose to use them. Balancing and transmuting how words and thoughts emerge, has the power to transcend your destiny. 

By: Ashley M. Weisser

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