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Why is it that we feel guilty when we aren't doing something.  Why do we feel that unless we are in constant motion, we are just lazy good for nothings!  I don't have an answer.  Do you?  Let's think together.  Could it be that the phrase, "work ethic" has been drummed into our heads by our parents who drummed into their heads?  Perhaps.  

Could it be that we took that phrase literally meaning that unless we worked to exhaustion we wouldn't rise to the top?  If we work to exhaustion our bodies would certainly sink rather than rise.  Today's quote is, "Consider doing nothing as work for your soul - as nourishment and rejuvenation."  WOW!  Nothing?  Do nothing?  That goes against everything we have been taught doesn't it.  

Guess what.  You are now officially a grown up and can make your very own decisions!  Decide to nourish your soul.  Decide to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.  You know how?  By doing absolutely nothing at all.  By soaking in the rays of the sun or feeling a cold breeze on your cheek or like I love to do, sit with your beloved pet.  Animals can teach us so much.  Mia can sit outside for hours and she's in a better mood because of it.  

The same holds true for us.  Some of our best ideas come when we are still because when we are still, we are open to receiving.  

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy