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Love Connections

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Why do we still mourn relationship losses and tally them as a loss? Whether it be friend, family member or romantic? I have grown grateful for the signals when a person no longer resonates or aligns with me. I choose to learn from the experience. To break patterns and step closer on my journey to deeper soul connected relationships. Not only with other connections but the deep connection within me. To be open in emotional vulnerability yet balance it with self-respect in boundaries.

Separating from a relationship or partnership can be liberating! Especially when we realize that it wasn’t a vibrational match & was blocking an aspect of our authentic self in some way, shape or form. We are not here to hold ourselves back. So why do we accept connections that do just that? Our busy mind or ego makes excuses and creates distractions to what our heart already knows. It even tries to hold onto what does not necessarily align with us due to conditional programming of how we were raised or societally exposed to or maybe expectations placed on us by others. The heart is far more powerful energetically than the mind in navigating through in this world. We have become co-dependent on earth time, belief systems, expectations of others, and use them as an excuse for allowing linear thinking aspects to determine what our intuition already knows. Ultimately fragmenting our heart into different directions and on different timelines, instead of wholeness within the now. 

Over time of our heart space becoming fragmented or scattered, it appears in the form of a guilt in relationships like “we’ve known each other for years,” “we’ve been through so much together,” "that's what family does" and even excuse to allow emotional lack of reciprocation or respect. Disharmonious frequencies inevitably allow patterns to continue that aren’t our true vibrational match. Yes, we learn. Yes, it can be a painful process. We must let those emotions pass through and then apply what we learn at the next opportunity. Set boundaries when we sense that misalignment or lack of reciprocation. Not doing so, potentially blocks an important key of why we are here. How we then move and lean into our passions and dreams. Most importantly, humans have been taken away from what love really is & how it feels. There shouldn’t be societal timelines or expectations placed as love is about feeling, knowing & remembering. Love is the highest frequency in existence. Hence why it is so sacred. A creation of weaving and blending heart space in compassion, unity, love and acceptance of one another.

Mastering unconditional love within, is a healing and relearning process and a matter of applying it. Holding yourself accountable in yourself healing journey. Learning to dance with your shadows while healing those past versions of yourself. Along with acknowledging how far you've come. Expressing gratitude for vibrational misalignments, showing surfacing and setting them free is not for the faint of heart. It’s feeling through your heart space, soul connecting, giving, receiving...reciprocation on all levels you deserve. Respecting and supporting yourself whether another inner-stands you or not. Remain mindful of yourself and of others. Nourishing when there are deeper connections made. Accepting that they may not and that’s ok too. Then you know!

Don’t settle for anything less than the depth and authenticity in connections you desire. That was the biggest lesson I’ve learned in any relationship dynamic. I previously thought in order to be accepted in a world that I didn’t yet understand, I had to settle for less than I deserve to belong. I don’t. Neither do you.

By: Ashley M. Weisser

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