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Mindfulness in Sexual Connections

Mindfulness in Sexual Connections: image

This topic in enlightenment is not shared enough. Sex is an energetic exchange. Similar to a battery, crown chakra is (+) and root chakra is (-). It creates an energetic circuit to a partner upon physical connection and energetically absorbs what they have previously encountered also. Pleasure is great. However, with misaligned partners, are you actually obtaining true pleasure? 

Sex should be honored from a heart-based connection from my experiences. The heart is our compass and when recognized, can be used to navigate deeper soul connections prior to engaging in the act. We have been taken away from how sacred and powerful this loving connection can be...for a reason. To lessen the likelihood of finding our sacred partners. Especially for western civilizations. Lessons learned in this lifetime + the process of intuitively cleansing field from the energetic exchanges with partners who were not in alignment with me and why I’m here. Interference in my field and density from carrying “excess baggage” of a partner. I’m at the point sacred partner only. I’ve learned enough from false or misaligned partners. It’s all in what stage of the journey we’re in and what we’re willing to experience. There’s no “right or wrong” but more-so compatibility or not with your frequential vibration and who aligns with that. If you choose multiple partners, just be aware of what comes with that. Especially if you tend to devalue yourself worth without realizing it. Which creates co-dependency instead of self-empowerment. Partners are a mirror and show us what we need to work on internally. Is a matter of applying it. 

Know or learn how to cleanse yourself energetically and not lose yourself...especially in the root, sacral, or heart chakra areas. Transmute denser energies deeper with the earth star chakra. Is all about healing and balancing inner union of divine feminine/masculine energies which we all have. Regardless of if we’re a man or woman. Balance leads to a vibrational match for our sacred partner in alignment. 

For women, womb cleanses are helpful as our womb is a cosmic portal. The sacred temple of creation and not just for bringing new souls onto this planet. 

Despite your sexual orientation, YOU have the power, not anyone else over your body and soul so embody that sacred essence and apply it. Create heaven on earth in unconditional love.

When you realize how beautiful you are, you will fall to your feet. Expect the same resonance from your partner.

If your seeking further guidance on this topic or how to connect to the earth star chakra, please contact me! 

By: Ashley Weisser

All Rights Reserved / Without Prejudice