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We began this world as babies, innocent and free.  We moved up to toddlerhood, childhood, adolescence and adulthood.  It is my hope that you have wonderful memories of different stages of your life.   It is also my hope that you move forward without longing for times that no longer exist.

Today's quote is, "You can't hold on - just move on."  We can't stay 20 forever and honestly, who would want to?  It's not even about age or getting older, it's about the wisdom we gain through experiencing each and every stage of our lives.  

You can hold onto memories.  That's a great thing to hold onto.  Fun times with friends, vacations, moments, all sorts of things.  Grudges and anger?  Nothing anyone should hold onto.  Allow yourself to experience the present moment.  While we may feel anger and other unpleasant emotions, let them go.  Release them and move on.

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! ~Love, Amy