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Paranormal Activity: Spirit Cat Guardian

Paranormal Activity: Spirit Cat Guardian: image

My experiences of paranormal activity began shortly after I turned 51 years old in 2018. I saw many dark energies move through my prior country home, including an approximately 3' x 4' blob of a dark shadow that moved down my hallway, across my brightly lit living room, and out of the closed front door. I saw this with my physical eyes, and my dog, Kahlo, saw it and reacted to it as she would a physical intruder. I had been sitting on my couch with the dog grading papers for an online psychology class I teach. Suddenly, Kahlo alerts, jumps off the couch, and runs down the hallway barking as if someone was there. Startled, my breath got stuck in my throat as the thought crossed my mind that someone was in the house! When Kahlo reached the end of the hallway, she stopped barking, turned around, loped back to the couch, and sat at attention next to me. "False alarm," but a good watchdog nonetheless, I mused. And then I saw it. Moving at a pace slow enough for Kahlo and me to track it together, the nearly opaque black shadow came down the hall, crossed in front of us, and disappeared through the closed front door. I didn't know what to make of it, although visitations during the night by strange shadows had occurred, this was the first one that I experienced while wide awake in a beta brain-wave state with the lights on.

I loved that old place, my little farm in the country, but had to sell it in 2020 and downsize for reasons other than paranormal activity. Thinking I had left the hauntings behind, I realized quickly that was not the case. The house that I bought six miles away brimmed with activity that sent me into fear states and on at least one occasion to someone else's house to spend the night. Needing understanding and more control, I reached out to a prominent medium for help, and at her recommendation, enrolled in Debra Lynn Katz's International School of Clairvoyance to develop my intuitive and mediumship skills to gain some control over what was happening. I took her classes multiple times and practiced quite intensely with her for two years. I quickly learned, that yes, I am sensitive to and can see discarnate entities including angels, spirits, earthbound spirits, elementals, and demons. I also came to realize that it doesn't matter where I live. They are always around me and I will always experience them.

The unsettling paranormal activity reached a loud crescendo in the Fall of 2022 when I faced two of my worst fears. I am not ready to write that story for the public to consume in a blog post, but it does form the backbone of the book I am writing about what I call "False Light." By the time I finish the book, I will be ready to share that particular story.

Since then the paranormal activity has become more manageable. I have learned from Debra, as well as some powerful spiritual guides, how to release the fear, come into my power, and use special tools that I have been blessed with to clear them from my physical and energetic space, as well as others who are troubled by similar problems. I have decided to start telling my stories because there are so many others like me who experience unsettling paranormal phenomena and are afraid to talk about it or live in fear without the tools and resources to do anything about it.

So fast forward to July 2023. I had set up a home security camera in my 'new' home for the sole purpose of capturing spirits and orbs on infrared night vision. I had taken a class on Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) from Debra and one of her former students, Josh, of Hope Paranormal. ITC is a method of experiencing two-way communication between the physical plane and the spiritual plane. We learned to use spirit boxes, night vision cameras, and even water to capture evidence of the spirit world. My favorite tool was the infrared home security camera and my Pandora music App. I found that playing music that I love, dancing in a joyful state, and turning on the camera resulted in recordings of spirit energy that 100% convinced me that my experiences were real and not just a projection of my brain.

This particular clip comes from a 24-minute video of me dancing with orbs and is one of a handful of similar videos I recorded the previous year. The reason why I am showing this one now is that paranormal activity with the spirit cat guardian in this video occurred in subsequent weeks, verifying that there is a guardian cat unknown to me in physical life helping to clear my space of parasitic energy and what I call "astral gremlins."

Watch for yourself here:


When I first saw this extremely bright orb fly by as I danced to some ABBA music, as always, I slowed it down to see if I could capture a face. Although the painting in the background adds to the perception of the two faces, based on subsequent events I believe Spirit placed this orb just so to create the face for my benefit and understanding. I even sent this to some friends to see if they saw what I saw; and yes, with the contrast high, they could see the face of a cat. One friend immediately saw it even with low contrast. And what made this all the more intriguing was the sideways gremlin at its mouth.

I didn't think much more about it until a few weeks later after a series of three fascinating experiences. The first of these, something woke me up in the wee hours of the morning (which is not unusual). I opened my eyes and a huge cat was hovering over me like a hologram. It had a white face and dark gray tabby patches on the head and chest area. I gazed at it for a couple of seconds before it disappeared. Thinking this may be a hypnopompic hallucination, I filed it away as a very interesting experience.

About another week passed, and I once again experienced this cat. I woke up, eyes closed with the energy of a cat in my face. It felt to be the same as the hologram of a cat that hovered over me the week prior. It looked like no cat I had known in the physical. I documented the experience, as I do all others, and started to wonder why this cat was hanging about. It was then that I remembered a vision I documented about three months prior of a white cat with dark gray tabby patches looking over its shoulder at me with his legs draped over my toilet seat having taken a drink! I found the vision amusing and at the time wondered why I was seeing this cat!

The final experience (although not the last) that caused the light bulb to go on in my head was a little spooky. This is when I made a connection with the cat guardian video and made a sweet little insight. It was a couple of weeks after the "cat in my face" phenomenon. I was up grading papers until about 2 a.m. when I heard something crash to the floor in the back of the house Thinking that my living cat had knocked something over, I didn't investigate. When I completed my work and decided it was time to sleep, I went to my bedroom in the back of the house, opened the door to my meditation room, and immediately saw the wooden stick for my metal singing bowl halfway into the room on the hard bamboo floor. That was the loud noise I heard; the wooden stick hitting the floor! How on earth did it get there? I wondered. I looked up at the twelve-inch eye-level shelf where I kept the singing bowl. It was no longer sitting on its cushion but on the shelf itself. Since there were no earthquakes that night and there were no animals in the room that could have knocked it over, I immediately assumed it was more spirit activity and I smudged the house by burning Frankincense resin and reciting the Lord's Prayer. I went to bed feeling that the house was clear and I'd sleep peacefully. I did sleep well, until dawn, when I began my daily spiritual work, prayer, and spirit communications. I asked my guides what made the singing bowl fall and the stick fly halfway across the room. She answered immediately saying "Watch out, it might have long whiskers." "Of course!" I said. It made perfect sense that a cat would knock something off my shelf. I mean, that's what cats do, right?

I shared these experiences and my little insight with the same medium friends who assessed the Cat Spirit Guardian video clip, and they acknowledged that there seems to be a spirit cat guardian in my environment. And what is so utterly amazing when I think about it is that in the video he is carrying that little sideways astral gremlin right by me, not unlike my physical cat who has been known to catch a mouse and leave it at my doorstep.

Since then I have seen this cat in a lucid dream, along with other pets who have passed and some still living, who were patrolling my "astral" environment to keep out foreign energy. Lately, after somewhat unsettling dreams, I have awakened to tall Doberman dog ears on my bed next to me and hovering slightly above. Experiencing these animal spirits this way has reminded me how blessed and protected I am as I continue to have a variety of spiritual encounters, some quite negative. Having rescued many dogs and cats, and even ducks and goats, it seems fitting that some of my guardians are cats and dogs. Perhaps there is a spirit duck or goat about me as well!

Whether you are aware of entities and parasitic energies in your life, rest assured that you have guardians to help protect you and keep your environment clear of such things. I challenge you to dance in front of your home security camera and see what potential evidence for the other dimensional realities you can capture! Before you try such antics, you should be aligned with God, or your higher power, and call in your angels, ancestors, or spirit guardians so that your experiences are nothing less than beneficial. If you are not centered in your power, aligned with God, and you do not yet have a sense of authentic trust in spiritual guides, I do not recommend reaching into the spirit world. As beautiful and miraculous as these encounters can be, exploring interdimensional realities has its dark pitfalls, which can be scary at best, devastating, and tenacious at worst. The pitfalls I will be writing about in future blogs, and from direct experience.

If you are experiencing unwanted paranormal and/or psychic experiences, you may reach out to me on my website for a consultation about your situation. I will do my very best to help you understand and clear foreign energy, earthbound spirits, or whatever it is that has invaded your space.

In light and power,

-- Julie