Dr. Julie Starr

Dr. Julie Starr (she/her) has a Ph.D. in Psychology with a concentration in Consciousness and Spirituality. Her Master's is in Transpersonal Psychology with a focus on counseling. A former deputy sheriff and university professor who awakened to her psychic abilities in adulthood, she currently offers clairvoyant readings, mediumship, intuitive/spiritual counseling, and paranormal/troublesome entities consultation and clearing.

Her general clairvoyant readings are offered with a questions and answers component. Some life areas she may read include relationships, goals, finances, spirituality, personal strengths, life challenges, career, and general environment. If relevant, she may also look at past lives or ask questions of the Akashic records. She does not give health readings but offers clairvoyant psychospiritual healing. Individuals who are experiencing psychic or paranormal phenomena may also ask for a reading on those types of experiences, as well.

General Life Readings:

The client may bring a list of questions about life areas where clarity and insight are needed. The session will begin with a general reading in order to establish a connection and basic understanding of current life circumstances. Information will be more present-oriented and may cover relevant issues and future probabilities. After the general reading, the client will ask their questions and Julie will provide answers that are to their benefit, even if it's not what they want to hear.

Julie begins before the call by working up an intuitively drawn sketch to capture the client's current life circumstances and areas of focus for the reading. It's like a personal and unique "tarot card" that she will send electronically to the client when it is completed.

Intuitive/Spiritual Counseling

Clients who need a little extra support may schedule intuitive/spiritual counseling sessions with Julie on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly bases. These sessions take a more conversational approach in which Julie pairs psychic readings and messages from spirit guides with positive psychology theories and interventions. The goal is to help clients enhance subjective well-being, increase resilience in the face of life challenges, gain clarity and support in times of spiritual crisis, and realize more of their own personal potential and spiritual growth. This is a team-oriented process in which Julie, her spirit team, and the client's spirit guides help them to take an active role in their own personal development. This service can be scheduled on a sliding scale based on need and the number of meetings per month.

Paranormal Phenomena and Foreign Energy Clearing

Individuals who are experiencing their own psychic or paranormal phenomena may consult with Julie for gaining some clarity, understanding, and validation. If you are experiencing paranormal phenomena, particularly if it is causing distress, Julie can use clairvoyance and mediumship to get a read on what is in your home or in your energy field. She and her spiritual team will do an energy clearing to move troublesome spirits out of your energy field.

DISCLAIMER: No psychic or medium is 100% accurate.

Parapsychological research indicates that the best mediums may be 75 - 85% accurate. Sometimes psychics can have an "off day." If this is the case. ethical psychics will let you know and reschedule. They are human beings and should never be placed on a pedestal. They are no more special than YOU. When consulting any psychic or medium, take what resonates with you and leave the rest. Keep realistic expectations and you will have a better experience.

***This service does not take the place of professional therapy or counseling. Julie is a psychic medium and psychology instructor, not a licensed clinical psychologist or licensed counselor.

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Julie's general clairvoyant readings are offered with a questions & answers component. Some life areas she may read include relationships, goals, fina…
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