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Q&A with the Guides: on Mediumship and Evil

Q&A with the Guides: on Mediumship and Evil: image

The ever-lingering question, Why?

I asked the guides questions on evil, psychic development, and extra-terrestrials on 12/14/2021.  I had forgotten about it until I came across the channeled writing document today.  The passage of one year has allowed me to read it from a more objective perspective.  It seems more relevant now than it did then.  I am struck by the simplicity of the answers. They didn't directly answer my question about extra-terrestrials and I will likely revisit it with them in the near future. 


1.      Why is it important for me to develop mediumship abilities? 

2.      Why does evil exist in humanity?

3.      Are there extraterrestrials among us? And if so, why?  When will they make themselves known? 

Clairvoyant response:

A brown leaf blows and it lands on a still pond, creating a ripple.

Channeled writing response: 

A leaf on the water – brown. Blows to a still pond and makes a ripple. The ripple goes out, out, out, until it goes no more. Smallest movement on the shore of the sand- spreading the water there. Then the sand dries in the sun until the next wave washes again- this time from the natural current, another leaf, a pebble, it’s all the same. Do you see the connection?

Every wave continues to exist, every rock, leaf, and current. When it exists it exists. It continues in another form. So it is with Spirit. You become a medium to bring information to light. Otherwise, it is left unseen, unsaid, and undiscovered. All exists, yet not yet seen. The leaf blowing in the wind is here for a little while, and then it is a whisper of molecules to be reconstituted yet again. Another place, another time.

Love is the field from which all emerge. You become a medium between the fields of consciousness: (neutral in its beginning)…..       It can go this way or that. Open your mind and consciousness so that others open their own: drops into the collective field and the ripples in the water (the field) increase until it’s a roaring wave in the ocean- one cannot miss it. Critical mass: critical because it is necessary for humanity to awaken to life beyond life. Universe beyond universe. There is no evil yet duality exists. And therein is “evil” because of duality. To transcend duality is the natural evolution of all life. Without dark there is no awareness of the light. It just is. We are one and duality is the illusion.

Open minds, open hearts to help them along the path of evolution. Then the ripples are no longer the ripples, but one long-deep and still pond.

This is the One.