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Everyone appreciates generosity.  We all love the ones who go the extra mile and give you the proverbial shirt off their back.  What we don't like is the one who brags about it telling every breathing human he no longer has a shirt.  

According to Jewish law, the highest form of giving is when it is done without the recipient knowing.  The anonymous donor is giving for the pure sake of it while the one who gives wanting his name in lights is giving for all the wrong reasons.

Today's quote is, "Generosity that comes with condition defeats the purpose of its meaning."  Giving for recognition is actually selfish.  Helping someone out just so you can say, "look what I did," the lowest form of giving.  

Generosity should come from a place of love, free from conditions and recognition.  Give because you want to, not to show the world how great you are. If that's the reason for giving, don't bother.

~Love, Amy