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Stuffed With Love

Stuffed With Love: image

Good morning, everyone.  Happy Tuesday.  How did you start your day today?  Did you have a big breakfast?  A mug of coffee?   Did you start your day listing, thinking of all the things that need to get done?  Did you look in the mirror and admire yourself or find every flaw.  

As you see, there are many ways one could begin a new day.  Why is it so easy to look at things outside of ourselves to bring us joy, happiness and fulfillment.

Today's quote is, "Satiate yourself with self-love the ingredient to fill any void."  I'm serious.  I'm so serious I will repeat myself.  Satiate yourself with self-love the ingredient to fill any void.  Eating can be a way of nourishing yourself or filling an emptiness.  Same with drinking whether it is coffee or alcohol.  Self-criticism comes so easily yet it is so destructive.

You are a beautiful and wonderful human being with so much love to give, try giving it to yourself.  Self-love will truly fill any void in your life.  When you begin to love yourself, you will be all that you need.

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy