Energetic PHitness


Did you know your aura/energetic field phitness is just as important as that of your physical body? 

Did you know that as such, it is important to maintain your energy field regularly?

This workshop will cover EVERYTHING you need to know from cleansing, protecting, shielding and strengthening your aura/energetic field. I like to call it energetic optimization. This is created, intended and considered a Master Mind Workshop as an Investment in your energetic wellness. It is a leveling up in the etheric and earth play fields. Transcending forms of wisdom. I chose to alchemize the spelling of fitness to 'phi'tness to energetically encode the golden ratio into the meaning. This mindfully created workshop is full of energetic activations. What are you waiting for? Re-Energize yourself!

Many years of research, development, techniques applied and spiritual tools to amplify the process in one spot!

Grateful to share this wisdom with you!

Ashley Weisser
Aloha Beloved Souls! My name is Ashley. Soul signature is Aurora. I am a Galactic Shamanic Reiki Master. A Guardian of Sacred Ancient Wisdom on Earth.…
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  • 4 Sessions
  • Schedule date January 27, 2023
    6:11 PM7:11 PM
  • Schedule date February 02, 2023
    4:11 AM5:12 PM
  • Schedule date February 01, 2023
    10:55 PM11:55 PM
  • Schedule date February 05, 2023
    12:00 AM1:00 AM