Good Vibrations - How to Rise, 1/26 - 3/2


Are you ready to experience more of who you truly are and the beauty of your higher self and soul?  In this time of tremendous change in our world, we are each being called to step into our greatest potential as human beings.  Do you feel this - the call to become a being filled with greater light, love and creativity?  A person who is clear of the past and dedicated to expressing your most authentic self?

Now is the time... The speed of spiritual change is quickening and the fact that you are reading this most likely means that you too want to be part of the huge step we are taking.  This call you feel is real and it originates from the depths of your true spiritual nature.  You are being called to transform yourself into an enhanced version of who you perceive yourself today.

On our spiritual journey it is it is important to know where we are and where we used to be.  We are on a continual path of raising our consciousness.  We often catch great glimpses of this during meditation, on retreats, while reading a book or just in daily life and then there are still higher states of consciousness we have not yet experienced at all.  

What we have noticed in the spiritual world is there are a lot of people seeking peak experiences.  While these courses, meditations and retreats may have value, what is missing is integration.  This course offers both the opportunity to dive into your real potential and to integrate it into your daily life.

What are we teaching?  We are teaching you to rise up in the Levels of Consciousness.  In each level there is an attractor field from level 1 - 1000.  You will be planted, you will grow and you will bloom.

In this 6 week class we will show you how to raise your vibrations through the levels of consciousness as written by David Hawkins.  

The first week we will be discussing what exactly these levels are, how we all relate to them and how we can rise.

Week 2 - You will focus on your sense of belonging and the who/what/where/when and how of it.

Week 3 - You will share your stories and how it relates to your belonging.

Week 4 - You will be delving into your purpose and why you are here.

Week 5 - Transcendence.  It is a term you probably have heard before.  You may have a hazy idea of "transcending" being akin to rising above and think of the concept of rising above oneself, but you don't really know what it is at that point.  What does transcendence actually mean and how can it be helpful day to day?  Latin prefix means "beyond."  When  you have achieved transcendence, you have gone beyond ordinary limitations.  That's our goal.

Week 5 - We will be wrapping up by sharing and discussing the changes that have occurred for each of our participants from the start to finish of this class.  

Amy Kaufman
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