Introduction to Astral Projection (Advanced) 4-Week Course


Astral travel has been practiced since ancient times and has held an important role in many cultures throughout history.  All consciousness exists on the astral plane. In this course, you will learn how this deep form of meditation can induce a conscious separation from one’s physical body and allow travel through the astral plane to other places and realms of consciousness. 

This 4-week course is taught in four parts, with each weekly module expanding on the last. Upon course completion, students can expect proficiency in advanced meditation techniques and how to initiate astral travel. On certain weeks you will be asked to experiment with aspects of what you have learned in class and report back in class the following week. It is required that participants of this advanced course have a strong foundation in basic meditation techniques. 

*Prerequisite: 4-week course/ Must have a regular meditation practice

What to expect each week:

Week 1- Fundamentals of astral travel; beginning meditation 

Week 2- Learning protections/calling on your spirit guides for assistance

Week 3- Understanding the astral plane/Day 1 Guided Astral Projection

Week 4- Day 2 Astral Projecting 

*Please Note: Theon's classes or any of her services do not replace professional Medical/legal/ business opinions and advice.

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