May Mental Wellness Free Workshop (1st in a series of 3)


In honor of May Mental Health Month, we are celebrating self-care and mental wellness, EvolvMe will be hosting FREE virtual workshops centered around the Mind, Body, and Soul hosted by EvolvMe’s founder, Theon Paulino Filippelli. 

This May 16th join us for the 1st workshop in our 3-part series featuring Anette GreeneKim Sin, Derrick McBride and Jikara Starita. Plus, exclusive channeled music by EvolvMe practitioner, Jikara Starita!

**No need to register, simply log onto the live event by using this link: 

Not only is this a great opportunity to dedicate time to your wellness journey, but you'll also be introduced to several EvolvMe practitioners!


Anette Greene: Discussion - Our lives follow the properties of the sacred medicine wheel of Native American spirituality - child (south), adolescent (west), adult (north), and old wise one (east). We will discuss how our phases of life relate to the aspects of the Native American medicine wheel.


Kim Sin: Intro then practice - Desk yoga to release tension in the body coupled with breathing techniques to promote states of calm and mental well-being.


Derrick McBride: Intro then Guided Healing- Living the intricate balance of mind, body, and soul. Practices for understanding and thriving through our Spirits human experience.


Jikara Starita: Intro then Practice - Collective Clearing. Karmic energies can carry over from past lives; and when these energies aren’t resolved they can affect our current life in real ways. This collective clearing session can help relieve anxiety and depression while supporting energetic relief and a journey back to homeostasis in your nervous system.

**The practices and content of this or any of EvolvMe’s services do not replace professional medical/legal/business opinions and advice.**

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  • Schedule date May 16, 2023
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