EvolvMe is a first of its kind online community and marketplace for all things enlightenment and the metaphysical. The site offers courses and services across the spiritual realm over a myriad of modalities designed to create an environment of true support and growth. As a virtual community, EvolvMe gives answer-seekers (or Community Members) the ability to connect to others who share their interests as well as spiritual practitioners across the world. The application is constructed to function in two ways:

An Outlet for Practitioners and Vendors: The EvolvMe app will work as the spiritual practitioners own virtual enlightenment center where from their personal dashboards, the practitioners i.e., Psychics, Healers, Yoga masters, Spiritual coaches could post classes, workshops, live events, intuitive readings and energy healings to Community Members worldwide. Practitioners have the ability to create live or prerecorded sessions to post and perform right from the EvolvMe site. They are able to create forums and live events to connect further with their audience as well as to create practice and support groups for those Community Members seeking more robust opportunities for growth.

In addition, all Practitioners have access to business and marketing resources, blog opportunities, workshops, receive discounted rates on certain classes to help grow their abilities, and weekly discussions guided by experts to help strengthen their offering and enhance their practice. Some will also be offered a chance to help grow the community by joining our mentoring program and guide others in various aspects of their field.

An Outlet for Community Members:

The EvolvMe app allows Community Members full access to all the tools they need to grow on their spiritual path. They not only have the ability to take classes and receive services from a variety of enlightenment practitioners anywhere in the world, but they are also able to ask questions and receive guidance through our spiritual advisors as well as our Community Forum, and practice and support groups run by dedicated experts in the field who are carefully vetted and approved by EvolvMe. Plus, practitioners offer free services and special events to the Community Members to allow for more direct engagement.

In addition, Community Members will also be able to rate the services they receive, add a particular practitioner as a favorite, and receive notices on new events. They will be able to connect with friends, share their progress on all of their social media outlets, take classes with friends, and get a personalized enlightenment growth plan from a vetted EvolvMe practitioner.