May Mental Wellness Free Workshop (3rd in a series of 3)


In honor of May Mental Health Month, we are celebrating self-care and mental wellness, EvolvMe will be hosting FREE virtual workshops centered around the Mind, Body, and Soul hosted by EvolvMe’s founder, Theon Paulino Filippelli. 

This May 30th join us for our 3rd and final workshop in our 3-part series featuring DR. Julie Starr, Nitya Ram Jaya, and Theon Paulino Filippelli. Plus, exclusive channeled music by EvolvMe practitioner, Jikara Starita!

**No need to register, simply log onto the live event by using this link: 

Not only is this a great opportunity to dedicate time to your wellness journey, but you'll also be introduced to several EvolvMe practitioners!


Dr. Julie Starr: Discussion - The differences between flourishing and languishing and research-based interventions to improve subjective well-being.


Nitya Ram Jaya: Intro then practice - Kundalini Tantric Yoga Session- Chakra Opening and Clearing by combining movement, mantra, mudras, and pranayama to help balance and ground. (45 min.)


Theon: Intro then Guided Journey- Training Your Subconscious to Achieve Your Goals. An empowering guided light trance journey to clear obstacles and create a space within your subconscious to manifest your goals. (45 min.)

**The practices and content of this or any of EvolvMe’s services do not replace professional medical/legal/business opinions and advice.**

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  • Schedule date May 30, 2023
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