The Infinite You Retreat in Sedona Az

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The Infinite You Retreat in Sedona Az, with Spiritual Medium Lauri Albert, Shamanic Medium Lori Sheffer, Medium and Intuitive Life Coach Theon Paulino-Filippelli, and Mystic, Channel, and Teacher of Teachers Yogi Soña Hernandez invite you to untangle yourself from the illusion of limitations.

Over the course of four metamorphic days, you will gain the tools and opportunity to reframe your possibilities through an exploration of self to uncover, heal, and transcend the entanglements that may limit you from experiencing your true essence.

Known as sacred land for thousands of years, Sedona and its transformational vortex of energy is said to have the closest connection to the healing power of the Earth and the wisdom of the Universe. Through connection to sacred Sedona, we will honor the land as the Original People did and learn that the most powerful vortex is the one of your heart. When you choose to arrive with an open heart, the most magical medicine is available. This experience is custom tailored to the participants' focus on healing and growth.

Allowing the earth and cosmic energy flow through intense healing journeys, empowering intuitive exercises, powerful manifestation techniques, and immersive hikes to the power center of the land can unlock the limitless possibilities within you to embrace your greatest potential.

During your four-day journey at the Infinite You Retreat, you will:

1) Gain insight into utilizing meditative and mindful techniques to clear the mind and open pathways to connect with Spirit.

2) Examine how thought patterns may be constraining the possibilities you aspire to achieve.

3) Develop and refine intuitive abilities through guided exercises and practices.

4) Embark on nature walks in the serene landscape of Sedona, using the natural environment as a means to foster connection and facilitate healing.

5) Acquire and implement practical tools to enhance their ability to manifest desired outcomes.

6) Engage in Journey work to confront shadows, connect with ancestors to heal familial traumas, and tap into the higher soul self to activate new possibilities.

7) Utilize Sedona’s Vortex energy for deep healing and transformation practices.

Theon Paulino-Filippelli
Theon is a born Psychic Medium, Remote Viewer, Healing Channel, Intuitive Development Instructor, and Mentor, as well as the founder of the EvolvMe co…
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