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How it all began for me…

When I was young…
From very early on in my life, I remember experiencing many ‘feelings’ and have had many intuitive hits throughout my life about myself and others before I studied psychic development...   As a child, I remember asking my mother if she ever had “Second feelings” as a way to identify the quieter, invisible knowing’s and/or feelings beyond our typical five senses.   Later in life, I would identify with being a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) – very sensitive to a full range of emotions, always feeling different, overthinks, worries, intuitive, creative, naturally empathetic, etc.  While being ‘so sensitive’ as I was often identified as felt more like a burden for the first half of my life, I have come to know that not only are many of us this way, but that it can be utilized to develop our psychic abilities.   When I was young, I spent a lot of time in metaphysical bookshops in Philadelphia reading about astrology, the I-Ching and immersing myself in self-help books (Leo Buscaglia was my favorite) looking for the ‘answers’ to life.   

As an adult…
As an adult, I experienced a very real house haunting and felt like I connected to the spirits in that house even though I wasn’t sure at the time.   I had gone to many psychics over the years throughout my life, but it was always something ‘they could do’, but I couldn’t really….After the haunting experience, and so many other experiences, I decided to take a Clairvoyance development class from Debra Katz who’s name I came across in an article I read.   Within the first week of the class, it felt like a light switch was turned on or more like a flood light…. All the sudden, I was easily ‘remote viewing’ (‘seeing’ places in your 3rd eye that you have never been at physically) people’s houses that I had never been in physically…one after the other.   At first, it was very difficult to accept this newfound ability even though I had many experiences throughout my life.   The only thing I could even compare it too is all the sudden realizing your attracted to the opposite sex from being the other way the day before…it was that dramatic and unsettling like in a movie.   It took me (as well as my husband) quite some time to get used to it.  It’s important to note, that sometimes you can’t ‘see’ (Clairvoyance) other people’s houses at will, but on that particular day, it was one after the other.   Since then, I’ve totally immersed myself into developing my intuitive gifts and have been truly amazed by the messages I’ve received for others as well as myself from the other side.    
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This was a truly inspiring story and having a similar experience I can certainly relate. Though it has been years since I started on this path of understanding and refining my abilities, I am constantly and pleasantly surprised to find new opportunities for growth. That is the beauty of self discovery. Once you begin, you learn to shed the programming that that makes you feel unworthy and realize that there are infinite possibilities to your evolution.
Dec 11, 2022
Image Jess Lee

So well said Theon!!!
Dec 18, 2022