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Where to get started?

The more I learn about empaths, the more I suspect I may be one. For example, I often “feel” the energy in a room or a crowded place (which has been difficult for me and sort of translates to something that looks like social anxiety). What’s the best way to go about doing something with this? Like, how can I confirm it, harness it, develop it? I see a ton of different classes in all different areas (or “modalities” I guess) but which one would I start with? I feel a bit lost. 

Feb 09, 2023 1
Image Theon Paulino-Filippelli

Hi Joanna. Recognizing it is a good start! Now that you notice your sensitivity to energy that is not yours, you can manage how it affects you. Learning to ground yourself, as well as clear your space of foreign or unserving energy, and putting up energetic protections are 3 very important steps to take every day before you interact with others. We have several classes and meditations (some in the "Free Offerings" section) that can help you get started. Once you learn those steps it will help you feel more at ease in social settings as well as utilize your abilities to tune into and even get information on the specific energy around you without it feeling overwhelming, which is helpful if you want to better understand others around you. Once you have have mastered those 3 important steps, see where that leads you and if you want to develop your intuitive abilities more after that, then we can certainly help guide you to the right classes for that as well. Let us know how it goes!
Feb 27, 2023