Become an EvolvMe Practitioner or Vendor

EvolvMe gives metaphysical practitioners (psychics, teachers, meditation coaches, yoga gurus, sellers of authentic spiritual tools and products) an opportunity to create their own Virtual Enlightenment Center within the EvolvMe space.

  • Create your own online practice where you can offer your services, teach classes, lead workshops, and sell your products

  • Give your personal practice worldwide visibility and access a community of members across the globe in need of your services and products

  • Be a part of a supportive community of the world’s most reputable and well-practiced practitioners

  • Exchange ideas and contribute to discussions of all things metaphysical with some of the leading spiritual experts, like-minded practitioners, and community members.

  • Take advantage of opportunities to become a published contributor on a wide range of spiritual and wellness topics on the EvolvMe blog

  • Develop your talents further by taking classes offered by others or taking part in practitioner workshops and summits.

EvolvMe is much different from the practitioner platforms you might be familiar with. While psychic and empathic service practitioners certainly play a key role here, we are not exclusively a psychic services platform. Members of the EvolvMe community are looking for a robust path to spiritual well-being and personal enlightenment, and our community includes practitioners from many metaphysical areas. We are looking for meditation coaches, yoga instructors, and spiritual advisors of all types. EvolvMe also empowers smaller retailers of metaphysical goods (crystals, herbs, books, attire, cards, etc.) who sell authentic (i.e. not mass-produced in factories) products and tools. The vision behind EvolvMe was to create one supportive place where those interested in spiritual evolution can come for everything — and everyone has a role here.

The Evolv Practitioner/Vendor Application and Certification Process

We believe that the era of the ”$2.99-a-minute” psychic is over, and rightfully so. Metaphysical practices have deep roots in history, philosophy, personal wellness, literature and alternative medicine, and they warrant serious consideration for the improvements and peace they can bring to our lives. For this reason, we take our practitioner network seriously and protect our community members through a vetting and certification process for ALL practitioners. The process takes up to a week. Here’s what becoming an EvolvMe practitioner looks like:

On the registration page of the EvolvMe site, click to register as a practitioner. Set up your EvolvMe profile. (You can find some tips and requirements for creating a strong profile here). Your practitioner profile will be “forward facing” (think of it as the storefront for your Virtual Enlightenment Center); therefore, it should do a good job of communicating to others how your skills, experiences, and personal style will help enrich their journey. You should list any relevant education, training, certifications, and even media appearances.
Within 24-48 hours after you have registered and set up your profile, an EvolvMe team member will email you with a link to our New Practitioner form for you to fill out to give more insight into you, how you came into your spiritual practice, your aspirations, your interests, etc. and submit. Once we receive and reviewed the completed form, we will reach out to you with our response, which is typically 24-72 hours depending on when the form is received and reviewed. 
If accepted, the EvolvMe Practitioner Certification Team will reach out to schedule a 45-minute vetting call which consists of:
- A 15-minute "camera on" and recorded Zoom call to meet face to face and answer any questions - One 30-minute sample service session, with a member of our Screening Panel (ie, if you are a yoga instructor, you will offer a 30-minute yoga session. If you practice psychic readings, you will give two 30 min sample readings) in order for us to get a feel for your practice and connection with your clients.

  1. After the vetting session, the EvolvMe Practitioner Certification Team will review the recording of the session and reach out to give feedback. If accepted, we will activate your profile on the EvolvMe site, send you a verification email to verify your email address, as well as schedule a zoom call to give you a personal walkthrough of the site in order for you to get familiar with the practitioner features and tools and ensure setting up your profile and service offerings go smoothly.

  1. Once you have logged in under your EvolvMe profile, you will be prompted to set up Stripe Practitioner Payment account with your bank information to receive payments for your services and complete your W9 form (which will be used to report your earnings for taxes).

On or around the time that you receive the verification email, we will send you a welcome email with all the information about our practitioner community! When we say that EvolvMe is a truly supportive spiritual community, we mean for everyone on the site, community members as well as practitioners. We believe the only way to build a supportive environment is to create a solid foundation and give support to those who are helping to mold this community.

Therefore, once you are a live practitioner on the site, you will have full access to our practitioner community with the option to take part in the practitioner team activities, workshops, weekly meetings, as well as marketing and promotional opportunities for your business as well as the option to contribute to our EvolvMe practitioner blogs and featured events!


What does it cost to be an EvolvMe practitioner?

The Practitioner membership subscription is free for the first 2 months to give you some time to establish yourself on the site.. After 2 months, the subscription cost is $19.99 per month .

Since EvolvMe takes care of the costs of marketing, connecting you with those who want your services, site and app maintenance, digital storage, payment processing,, etc, we also charge service fees based on your volume of sales. The fee structure for those fees is below.

Pricing Structure for Practitioner Members:

• Practitioner subscription fee per month = $19.99 per month
• Practitioner service fee per transaction = 25% of total earnings per month

Pricing Structure for Product Vendor Members:

• Vendor per product listing fee = $19.99 per 100 items
• Vendor per product listing fee = $9.99 per 50 additional items thereafter
• Vendor per transaction fee = 5% per item (includes S/H in total)
• Shipping fees = TBD by vendor

*Practitioner or Vendor Membership Subscription = Free for the first 2 months of subscribing and $19.99 per month thereafter.

What do I get paid?

EvolvMe gives you the tools, visibility, and supportive community to create your own metaphysical practice, which means you set your own rates and fees for your services. The one requirement we have is that EvolvMe practitioners charge on a session-basis, rather than by the minute. But you decide and pre-set the length of your sessions and what you’d like to charge for them.

When do I get paid?

EvolvMe processes payments on your behalf through Stripe. When you register, you will provide bank information for the account you would like your earnings deposited to. You should see payment in your account within 3 business days after the completion of any service you provide or sale you make.

Can I still be a practitioner on other sites/maintain my current website and practice?

Of course. While our Terms and Conditions prevent practitioners from rendering services to EvolvMe members “off-platform” (ie, you may not share your personal information including phone numbers, emails, and websites with EvolvMe members), many of our practitioners have existing practices outside of EvolvMe. Since your relationship with EvolvMe is as an independent contractor, you are absolutely free to continue your relationship with other sites or run your own practice. We do believe, however, that many practitioners will find that they can significantly cut the costs of running their practice by moving to EvolvMe exclusively.

Become an EvolvMe Practitioner

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