Akashic Records Reading

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The Akashic Records holds every single thought, every action, every experience throughout your entire soul journey. It is a library of information that contains every detail of every being in existence.

Theon's Akashic Records readings can be soul-level healing and empowering as she starts by putting you in a relaxed, meditative state and helps guide you through the records to your past lives, present incarnations, and future possibilities, in order to clear out what does not serve you to remind you of your truth. The connection to self and the information that comes through can be incredibly insightful and liberating. 

Theon's Akashic Records Reading is intensive and may last longer than 1 hour so please make sure to have enough time open for the reading. 

*Please Note: Theon's readings or any of her services do not replace professional Medical/legal/ business opinions and advice. 

Author: Theon Paulino-Filippelli
Theon Paulino-Filippelli
Theon is a born Psychic Medium, Remote Viewer, Healing Channel, Intuitive Development Instructor, and Mentor, as well as the founder of the EvolvMe co…
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