Galactic Guidance

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Intuitive Healing Based Off Your Energetic/Angelic/Galactic Needs and Progress. Energy Field & Chakra Recalibration/Re-Alignment if Needed. Energy Field (Aura)

May Include:

·  Deeper Wisdom on Star Family Systems, Connection Methods & Communication

·  DNA and Cellular Healing

·  Guidance on How to Raise Your Frequency to Vibrationally Align with Higher Dimensions

·· Light Language Speaking or Energy Moving

My intention for you is to reconnect with mind, body and soul. To promote love, harmony and balance within. To eventually regain and restore your body’s innate self-healing abilities. To gain auric field strengthening, protection and balance. To connect, honor, respect and heal with our ancestral, past lives, and deeper into our galactic roots in the star systems within and beyond our galaxy. The physical and energetic bodies mirror each other! Both are equally important in overall health and wellness.

Author: Ashley Weisser
Ashley Weisser
Aloha Beloved Souls! My name is Ashley. Soul signature is Aurora. I am a Galactic Shamanic Reiki Master. A Guardian of Sacred Ancient Wisdom on Earth.…
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