Healing Journey and Story from Spirit

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ATTN:  If none of the available times/dates work for you, please contact me and we can figure out a time and day that will!

When I journey on your behalf, I travel to the unseen realms with your intention; your questions, your longings, your heart's desires and the calling of your soul. I ask Spirit for help, for messages and guidance for you, connecting with the resources and allies that support your empowerment and thriving. I walk through the Shadowlands in search of the path to healing. I seek doorways that when opened shine light on that which wants or needs to be seen. I collect nourishment, wisdom and medicine for you, so that you may release that which binds you and reclaim your sovereign and authentic spirit.

Journeys are energetic medicine. They are powerful and can heal wounds of trauma and mend the heart. They can help you to find direction in your life, lost pieces of self, a place of belonging. The healing of journeys can reconnect you to yourself, provide a different perspective and restore a sense of wholeness.

How it works: This work begins with a 15 minute consultation during which I will answer any questions you may have about what I do and how I might help you.  Soon after our meeting, I will journey on your behalf, and then record my accounting of it both in written and spoken form and send it to you. 

You are welcome to message me after you receive the journey with any questions or comments.

*Clarification on the service and fee: The service listing quotes 60 minutes. Fifteen to twenty minutes will be live with me and then the remainder of the time will account for my solo work, which can be anywhere from 1-2 hours.  Regardless of how long it takes me to transcribe the journey, the charge will be $90.


Author: Charity Rae
Charity Rae
Charity Rae is a Realm Walker, Storyteller for Spirit, Ancestral Constellations Co-facilitator, Interdisciplinary Artist and Author. The women and men…
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