Charity Rae

Charity Rae is a Realm Walker, Storyteller for Spirit, Ancestral Constellations Co-facilitator, Interdisciplinary Artist and Author.

The women and men in her family have spoken with Black Bird for generations; Charity Rae has communed with Crow since she was eight years old.

For over two decades, Charity Rae has been practicing shamanic journeying as a path to wisdom. She journeys to other realms for the sake of learning, healing, connecting and growing. In the field of Ancestral Constellations work, she uses this same path to wisdom to provide guidance for individual and group sessions.

As an artist, Charity Rae is most inspired by images and experiences that bring about wonder, leave room for magic and tell the stories of the heart. Much of her work resides within play, a place for the inner child to feel at home. She has a deep resonance with animals and incorporates their spirit and wisdom into her art. Inspired by her work with power animals in her journeys, she started a small woodworking shop, Wandering Woodland Co where she offers Spirit Animal Boxes.

Healing Journey and Story from Spirit
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