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Julie offers Intuitive Readings, Energetic Healings, Chakra Readings and Mediumship.  

Intuitive Readings can address life questions including Relationships (business, family, friends and partnership), Work Issues, Sensitivity, Feeling Stuck or Unsure about your next move or other life challenges.  

Chakra ReadingsAs we walk through life focusing on the outer world and the humans we encounter sometimes we forget who we really are.  In this reading each layer of the chakra system is revealed to you one at a time reminding you who you are as a spirit and what is possible for you.    

Intuitive Energy HealingEverything in and around us is an energy frequency.  Some frequencies are lighter and some more dense or heavy.  Energy itself is not good or bad.  It just exists.  There are times when energies can get blocked or more dense in our energetic body.  These energies can be of our own creation or come from other people or situations.  Energetic healing balances or harmonizes energy.  Healings are completed in tandem with your guides leading the way to balance and well being.  Physical Contact not needed.

Mediumship bridges the physical and spirit world and reminds us that we are truly never alone.  Our ancestors, loved ones, pets and guides are here to support us on our life's journey.  Julie's mediumship typically centers around your human loved ones, but occasionally pets do show up.  There is no guarantee that a specific spirit will come through.  If they come with a message, it can be inspirational or healing.  Sometimes they just want you to know they are with you.  You are invited to come to this reading with an open heart and mind.  It is suggested that one wait a period of time after a loved one passes before receiving a mediumship reading. 

Other Appointment Times Can Be Arranged.  Send Me A Message With Your Availability.  
***Services are offered at a special rate in honor of the launching of EvolvMe.***  This is a great time to receive a healing, dusting off your energy body during the holiday season when we tend to spend some time with others.  The healing helps to clear off energy that does not belong to you.  

***Please indicate which type of reading you are seeking when scheduling.***

I look forward to connecting with you.

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Julie is an Intuitive Life Guide, Medium, Energy Healer and SoulCollage® Facilitator. She combines wisdom gathered from her life experiences with her…
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