Reading and Reiki

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For this service I have paired up with theintuitiveblondehealing, also known as Allison for Readings and Reiki.

The client will receive an intuitive reading while simultaneously receiving Reiki energy. 

Allison is an intuitive healer who receives communication directly from spirit.  She incorporates various card decks such as tarot, angel and oracle to deliver personal messages and guidance for each client.

I am a Reiki Master Practitioner who intuitively picks up on the energy of the client receiving the reading and is able to send energy to the area of the bogy where it is most needed.  Together we work for the highest good of the client.

After a session the client will have had their questions answered and their energy cleared.  Each remote Reading and Reiki session is an hour in length.

Author: Amy Kaufman
Amy Kaufman
Amy is a Reiki Master Practitioner, Guided Meditation Leader, and Reiki teacher who also offers courses. Let's talk about Reiki! Reiki works with ener…
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