Subconscious House Clearing

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The subconscious mind is an immensely powerful aspect of ourselves. It holds all of our dreams, memories, aspirations, fears, strengths and weaknesses. It also holds traumas as well as what may block us from healing those traumas that may not be easily accessed through your conscious mind. Gaining access to your subconscious can not only empower you and heal the hurts, but it can also unlock your fullest potential and strengths you didn't even know you had.

Theon's Subconscious House Clearing (SHC) is for those who are seeking a better understanding of themselves to strengthen confidence and empower their lives. During the SHC healing, Theon will take you through an intense meditation to help you clear your mind and open your connection to your subconscious represented by a house. There, she will walk you through the area around the house as well as each room which represents different aspects of your subconscious mind. As you move through the house, you may notice aspects of the house that need to be cleared or "redesigned" which, Theon will guide you through as well as give you tools to revisit your house even after the healing to maintain or redesign it as you see fit.

Theon's SHC healing is an intense healing and may take more than 1 - 1/2 hours so please make sure you have time and are in a quiet, peaceful setting for the time of healing.

*Please Note: Theon's healing or any of her services do not replace professional Medical/legal/ business opinions and advice. 

Author: Theon Paulino-Filippelli
Theon Paulino-Filippelli
Theon is a gifted intuitive, medium, remote viewer, and healing channel whose masterful communication skills, pure drive to help, and innate ability t…
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