Annette D Greene

I have been a spiritually-inspired seeker of Knowledge and Truth since I was 13 years old. To list a few of my specialties, I am a Level One Qigong Teacher, a RYT-200 Kundalini Yoga and Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher and a Certified Circle Leader for The Sophia Code®. My conscious journey on a spiritual path took many unforeseen twists and turns. Some led to hurtful experiences; some to exhilarating and joyful experiences; some to other religions and spiritual teachings unlike any I had ever known. But all led to profound spiritual awakenings that culminated into a vision that is now known as the Information-to-Freedom (i2f) Institute for Holistic Living. As a result of my powerful and beautiful spiritual experiences from such a wide array of teachings, I have concluded that there is no 'one' right path for all. Rather, there are many paths and we each have the glorious freedom to choose - even create - those that feel right for us! To me, it only stands to reason that if Source (by whatever name one chooses to refer to It) is infinite then the paths that lead to Source must also be infinite. Since arriving at a place spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally where I've connected with my own power, it has been in my passion and joy to help others achieve self-empowerment. In partnership with other dynamic individuals who saw and wanted to help bring my vision to fruition, I founded the i2f Institute for Holistic Living, Inc. As I continue my journey to ever-unfolding miracles and mysteries, I am overjoyed at the opportunity to be of service in this dynamic community!

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