I’m Ellie, an eclectic astrologer (of Saturn Season Astrology) who likes to blend the old astrological techniques with the new. I’ve been a lifelong student of astrology (started studying it when I was around 10 - I’m 35 now, lol), and have been practicing professionally for the past 4 years.

What can I do for you? Astrology readings! Having your natal chart read can be an eye opening experience in self-discovery and understanding. Things just start to “make sense.” I can help you make the most of the “easy energy” in your chart, and help you to work with the “challenging energy” to make it work FOR you. Currently on this platform I am offering:

-Astrology Chart Readings

**This can be a reading of your natal chart, and/or we can also look at transits, progressions, solar arcs, solar return charts, etc. You can also use this reading to look at synastry/composite charts (relationship charts) between yourself and another person.

-Planetary Magick Readings

**This reading is good for those that want to tap into the magick in their own natal chart. While you can certainly work with any planet that you want in a magick sense, there is often a certain planet (or planets) in the natal chart that might be the most beneficial for a person to work with. I help you find which one that is (or which ones those are) and how to work with it/them.

Planetary Magick Reading
This type of astrology chart reading will help you to figure out what planet (or planets) might be best for you to work with in planetary magick sense…
Astrology Chart Reading
In this reading, we can dive into your natal chart and everything that makes you uniquely you. If you want, we can also look at transits, progressions…