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What does Galactic mean to you?

To me it means interdimensional connection to the multidimensional aspects within. Remembering and claiming our true power back as it is our natural born right to do so. Each one of us possesses these abilities to connect to higher dimensions and light beings. They represent unconditional love, unity and compassion for all. Galactic beings are spiritual guides just the same as angels, archangels and other higher dimensional beings. It is connecting with your higher self/soul and higher dimensions to our cosmic roots in the star systems. From there, many incredible learning and healing experiences are possible. We are not the only beings in the universe. We did not just show up on earth with no purpose. It is time to detach from many stigmas implanted in the mind and re-learn our deep rooted history and power.

Want to prepare your energetic body for higher dimensional connection?

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Nov 17, 2022 3
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Nov 20, 2022
Image Ashley Weisser

I can NOT wait to share it! Soul excited!
Nov 22, 2022
Image Ashley Weisser

Thank you Datwanna! Prepare to have your mind further expanded in cosmic unconditional love :)
Nov 22, 2022